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Our role

Conceptualising the strategy – after reviewing and understanding the client’s competitive environment and challenges. We were also responsible for the strategy roll out – including the design and execution of individual project elements.


Agri-processing client had a significant gap in their supply chain – resulting in:

  • Monopolistic behaviour of current suppliers

  • Supply disruptions and pricing irregularities

  • Poor B-BBEE performance for preferential procurement


Enterprise and Supplier Development initiative that sought to:

  • Diversify the supply chain by identifying supplier substitutes

  • Support new entrants into the space

  • Influence collaboration between smaller players in order to effectively compete with the larger suppliers


  1. Supply Chain Analysis and Diversification project to widen the supplier base and spread share of pocket.

  2. Implementation of business incubation and acceleration programme for small scale producers – in order for them to improve their yields and quality of output to meet the client’s needs.

  3. Facilitating and executing collaborative agreements between small scale producers in order to meet the supply needs of the client.

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