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Our role

Design and roll-out of the Enterprise Development strategy


Enterprise Development Funder(s) dissatisfied “standard” and value-for-money of service offering of traditional within the space.


Enterprise Development beneficiaries dissatisfied with the levels of support received and outcomes of Enterprise Development programmes – for example, standard training content regardless of type of business or industry of the beneficiary.


Design a scalable bespoke Enterprise Development process – that offers relevant content and support to the beneficiaries, that will also comply with funder’s requirements and budgets.


  1. Conceptualisation of Enterprise Development Strategy in partnership with experts in access to finance, access to market, entrepreneurship and business scaling, leadership, et al.

  2. Design and implement beneficiary recruitment and selection process – aligned to funder requirements and budgets.

  3. Conduct Business Analysis of each beneficiary – to fully understand the strategic opportunities and operational needs of the business, with the view of growth and/or development.

  4. Engage a pool of support partners – based on the individual beneficiary requirements – to provide essential business mentorship and leadership coaching.

  5. Deployment of funding (funder budget permitting) towards subsidisation of all or some of the critical business needs/opportunities in order to catalyse towards the business’ objectives.

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