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Our role

Design and roll-out of the integrated bursary management strategy


Bursary Funder(s) dissatisfied with the completion rates and quality of academic output of funded students.

Bursary Funder(s) dissatisfied with levels of support provided by bursary administrators.

Students, from rural and economically underserved areas, are given bursaries to study at institutions based outside of their frames of reference without equal access to social and emotional support.


Design an integrated bursary deployment and management solution – considering the requirements of the funder and the student, and the available support resources at the institutions.


  1. Conceptualisation of Integrated Bursary Management Strategy in partnership with experts from academia, the social sector and funders.

  2. Design and implement Bursary application and selection process – aligned to funder requirements and budgets.

  3. Engage a pool of mentors – for students – to provide social and emotional support in a structured and impactful manner.

  4. Engage preferred institutions – to ensure full extent of academic support is available for the students (catalysing the student’s ability to make the most of the academic resources available to them).

  5. Engage a pool of healthcare support – mental and emotional healthcare and physical healthcare – to ensure that the students can access care and attention when required.

  6. Induct students and their families into the Integrated Bursary Management System – providing a human touch and ensuring that families are provided an element of security and assurance in what is likely to be unchartered territory.

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