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Our role

Full-service local economic development solution – from bid to implementation


Project owner(s) required to development and implement long-term community development strategies aligned with the commitments to industry regulators in terms of their licencing agreements.


  • Conceptualisation of the economic development strategies at bidding stage

  • To support the project owner(s) application for licencing – based on the geographic and socio-economic make-up of the region

  • Review of economic development strategies at project implementation stage based on Asset-Based Community Development methodology

  • Implementation of bespoke economic development strategies to stimulate economic activity in local communities and build economic sustainability


  1. Qualitative Community-Based Research, based on Asset-Based Community Development frameworks, to inform the bidding process.

  2. Conceptualisation of an integrated community development strategy that seeks to move the communities towards economic sustainability (typically away from a position of dependence) - typical strategies include consideration of factors that unlock human capital (education, training, health, social wellbeing); and factors that unlock economic potential (natural assets, economic assets, knowledge transfer, transfer of ownership, land rights, access to capital, access to market).

  3. Engagement with potential partners to support the roll out of projects within the strategy (public sector, civil society, private sector) - Identifying potential collaborators and co-funders – to ensure that there is no single point of reliance in the strategic model; and that some elements of the strategy are independently scalable to support the overarching mission.

  4. Implementation of the Integrated Community Development Strategy - Programme Management, Monitoring and Evaluation - Engagement and induction of project service providers within the larger programme, ongoing monitoring and evaluation against the theory of change and outcomes map - Ongoing engagement with all relevant stakeholders – including direct community engagement – to ensure effective collaboration, skills and knowledge transfer and ultimate community project ownership - Project administration, reporting and budget management - Management of external, but related initiatives – tracking of key impact indicators, job creation, carbon admissions, skills transfer; implementation of carbon neutralisation projects; et al.

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