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Our role

Oversight of project conceptualisation and project implementation and administration of budget and regular reporting to stakeholders.


  • Rivalry between key industry stakeholders – affecting stability of overall industry

  • Unfavourable perception of business in the industry

  • Calls from regulators and the public sector for increased collaboration within the industry


Conceptualisation and implementation of a social-investment programme, that would invest in projects that the various conflicting industry stakeholders agree on.  Ensuring that we find points of agreement between the parties (who are usually rivals) – addressing requirement for collaboration.

Budgetary commitment from the host entity to ensure that agreed projects are realised – and improving public perception.


  1. Given a highly politicised and volatile industry environment – an initial priority was to engage all industry stakeholders on a human-level to co-create the strategies that would inform the social-investment to priority areas.

  2. Identified priority areas include:

    • Education

    • Environment

    • Health

    • Art

  3. Implemented projects include:

    • Bursaries for tertiary study

    • Winter School programme for matric exam prep

    • Investment in Library infrastructure

    • Community Greening

    • Industry-wide carbon offset

    • Investment in Clinic infrastructure

    • Investment in the development of visual artists from marginalised communities

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